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ROTARY is a global organisation of dynamic go-getting professional men and women of all ages and backgrounds, who have a desire to ‘make a difference’ not only in the local community in which we live and work, but also worldwide.

However changing the world is a slow process so in the mean time we also run social activities, organise charity events, network, have lots of fun and in our case, meet once a week followed by a British breakfast!

Every member is different and contributes as much or as little of their time and expertise as they can and so we tailor our activities so that everyone can make a difference however big or small and it is truly amazing what can be achieved to make a difference to someone, somewhere, somehow.

Would you like to know more about joining the Rotary Club of Westbourne or becoming a Rotary Business Partner?

Find out more at www.westbournerotary.org.uk

Contact our club secretary by email:


Rotary International’s Motto is ‘Service Above Self’ and Westbourne Rotary club’s own motto is:


Westbourne Business Association

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